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Our treatment center offers a variety of resources. Our approach is holistic, focusing on identifying the underlying causes of addiction through therapy and support groups. Our goal is to help patients develop a long-term recovery plan and achieve a successful recovery.

Understanding Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction is often a result of several factors that contribute to its development. For most people, addiction is not a choice they consciously make. Some may feel that their addiction progressed quickly, while for others, it may have taken a more extended period. The question remains, why do some individuals struggle with drug addiction while others use it recreationally?

Research has shown that genetics and our environment play a significant role in addiction development. Individuals with a family history of addiction are more likely to develop an addiction. Moreover, those who have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect are also at a higher risk of addiction.

It’s essential to note that individual differences, such as emotional regulation, can impact early drug use, which can lead to addiction development.  While two siblings who grow up in the same environment with similar genetics may not have the same experience regarding addiction, individual differences play a role.

If you, or someone you know, struggle with addiction then contact Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center. We offer a range of treatment services to help those struggling with addiction. Our representatives are available to speak with you 24/7.

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We provide evidence-based addiction treatment at our inpatient drug rehab centers in Virginia

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Safe & effective medically assisted drug & alcohol detoxification services in Virginia at Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center.

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Residential Inpatient

The residential inpatient program at Arrowwood was meticulously designed to address the individualized needs of each client struggling with addiction.

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Alumni & Aftercare

We plan detailed and individualized outpatient treatment and continued care for sober living, we equip clients with the essential tools required for achieving long-term success.


Our Modern Facility Has Everything You Need.

Arrowwood is centrally located in Hopewell, Virginia. Our residential compound was designed to help offer quality, evidence-based programming alongside modern amenities. Arrowwood is one of the best addiction treatment centers in Virginia. We are your one-stop-shop for lasting addiction recovery.


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What are the Signs of Drug Addiction? ​


When we look at the different signs of drug addiction, it is relevant to note that there will be some slight differences among the different drugs that can be abused. For example, a methamphetamine addiction will look different than a cocaine addiction. There are, however, similarities that can be seen across the board.

For example, a symptom of drug use would be an inability to control your drug use. You have likely tried to decrease your use, or maybe even stop, with little success. Their addiction takes up a lot of space in your mind and time in your day. You think about their next use throughout the day, and experience cravings and triggers.

Another sign of an addiction is the development of tolerance. This means that you need to use more of the substance to reach the same high. For some substances, you may never have the same euphoric effect of your first use again, yet you continue to try.

When you develop a tolerance, you are more likely to experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using. Withdrawal occurs when you have a physical dependence on the drug, which changes the way your brain functions. When you stop using, your brain tries to adjust to the change. This usually causes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, irritability, and insomnia. There will be differences in withdrawal symptoms for different drugs. As an example, withdrawal from benzodiazepines can lead to a health crisis and should be monitored by a medical health professional.

If you are interested in learning more about Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center’s drug rehab, please contact us to speak with a representative today.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Drug Addiction Treatment Options


Effective drug addiction treatment depends on individual needs and the specific substances involved. Below are some common treatment options for drug addiction:

  • Detoxification (Detox): This involves the removal of the substance from the body under medical supervision to manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation: Residential treatment programs offer a structured environment with 24-hour care, counseling, and support to help individuals focus on recovery.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: This allows individuals to receive treatment while living at home, attending counseling sessions, support groups, and therapy on a scheduled basis.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): For opioids and alcohol, medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone may be used to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Behavioral Therapies: Various therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), and contingency management, address the psychological aspects of addiction.
  • Support Groups: Participating in groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides peer support and a sense of community among individuals in recovery.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Integrated treatment addresses both substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously.
  • Holistic Therapies: Complementary therapies, such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, and art therapy, may be incorporated to promote overall well-being.
  • Family Therapy: Involving family members in the treatment process can enhance support networks and address family dynamics that may contribute to addiction.
  • Aftercare/Continuing Care: Planning for ongoing support post-treatment, which may include regular counseling, support group attendance, or other activities to maintain recovery.
  • 12-Step Programs: Modeled after the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, these programs provide a structured approach to recovery with steps and principles for individuals to follow.

It’s worth noting that the most effective treatment often involves a combination of these approaches tailored to an individual’s specific needs and circumstances. A personalized and comprehensive treatment plan increases the likelihood of successful recovery from drug addiction.

We're Here to Help Virginia Recover from Addiction.

We craft unique treatment plans for each client to maintain sobriety long-term. Our rehab center in Virginia cares about you and your loved ones and we are here to help you find lasting, sustainable recovery from drug & alcohol abuse.

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Why Choose Arrowwood?

Arrowwood ATC sets itself apart as more than your typical rehabilitation center. Explore how our Virginia-based drug rehabilitation center can significantly impact your path to recovery.

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Our Luxurious Rehab Facility

Explore our newly constructed, cutting-edge facility. Experience the modern luxury of our Virginia-based rehabilitation center today.

Available Drug Rehab Treatments for Recovery

Drug addiction can be a difficult struggle, but there are many treatments available to those seeking help. Detoxification programs are a great option for those who need to adjust to their new, drug-free lifestyle. These programs provide a safe environment to eliminate toxins from the body and offer medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient addiction rehab programs offer psychoeducation, group and individual therapy, and alternative therapies, typically lasting between 30 to 90 days. During your stay, you will learn about addiction and recovery, create a relapse prevention plan, and receive support from a community of peers.

Partial hospitalization programs are another treatment option that provides therapeutic approaches while allowing you to live at home. Outpatient treatment options include intensive outpatient programs, outpatient programs, individual therapy, and aftercare treatment. These options can be used continuously for ongoing support in early recovery.

It’s crucial to note that those with a history of trauma, abuse, and other mental health concerns should receive proper care. Mental health concerns can lead to drug addiction as a coping mechanism, so managing them healthily will help avoid future struggles with cravings and triggers.

If you are looking for addiction care, talk to us about inpatient treatment for drug addiction. Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center is here for your immediate assistance.

Hope and Assistance with Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center

At Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center, we are dedicated to creating an environment of understanding, empathy, and personalized care. Our team recognizes the unique journey to recovery for each individual and prioritizes creating individualized treatment plans. Our facility provides a safe and nurturing space for those struggling with drug addiction, combining evidence-based practices with a holistic approach to treatment.

In addition to traditional therapy, the staff at Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center offers a supportive community for both individuals and their families. Through a blend of therapeutic modalities, counseling, and a comprehensive aftercare program, Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center provides evidence of the life-changing power of love and genuine care in the journey to overcoming drug addiction.

If you, or a loved one, are seeking addiction assistance, please contact Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center at your earliest convenience. Our representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Remember, hope and help are within reach at Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center.

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We Work with Most Major Insurance Providers.

Drug Addiction Treatment Arrowwood

At Arrowwood, our dedicated team is committed to addressing the complex issue of drug addiction with compassion and expertise. Nestled in a serene and supportive environment, our facility offers a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, emphasizing personalized care and evidence-based interventions. We understand that drug addiction is a multifaceted challenge that requires a tailored response, and our experienced staff works collaboratively with individuals to develop customized treatment plans. Through a combination of medical supervision, counseling, and holistic therapies, we strive to empower individuals on their journey to recovery. Treatment Arrowwood is not just a place for healing; it is a community that fosters resilience and provides the tools necessary for sustained recovery. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every individual receives the highest standard of care, promoting long-term well-being and a brighter future beyond addiction.

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Tailored and Compassionate Addiction Treatment at Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center

At Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center, we believe that every person suffering from heroin addiction deserves a personalized and empathetic approach. Since everyone’s experience is unique, our treatment process is adaptable to address each individual’s specific needs. Our seasoned professionals begin with a comprehensive assessment that enables them to create a customized plan incorporating evidence-based therapies, medication-assisted treatment, and holistic interventions.

Our therapeutic environment fosters a sense of community where patients are supported and validated throughout their journey towards recovery. Our dedicated staff collaborates with every individual, providing them with the tools necessary to address the root causes of their addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and establish a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center is committed to providing a life-changing experience by combining clinical expertise with compassion. We empower individuals to regain control over their lives and overcome heroin addiction.

Seeking Freedom from Addiction Once and for All?

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Virginia is ready to offer the assistance you deserve. Our admissions team is accessible around the clock to help you find the most suitable solutions for your circumstances.

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