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Reframing Addiction: A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Addiction Disease and Treatment

For many years, addiction has been viewed as a personal failing and a lack of self-control. The perception was that individuals who struggled with addiction were simply not disciplined or responsible enough to overcome addiction. This misguided view led to harsh stigmatization and limited treatment options, with punishment and incarceration often seen as the only solution.

However, with advancements in scientific research, the medical community has come to recognize addiction as a complex brain disorder and a mental illness. This shift in understanding has opened the door to a more comprehensive approach to treatment.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse was founded in 1974, marking a pivotal moment in this new paradigm. As more research is conducted, we continue to learn about the nature of recovery and identify effective treatment options.

At our drug and alcohol rehab center in Virginia, we offer a range of personalized treatment plans to help individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. From therapy and counseling to medication-assisted treatment, we prioritize the unique needs of each individual to create a tailored approach to recovery.

We provide evidence-based treatment at our Addiction Treatment Center in Virginia.


Safe & effective medically assisted drug & alcohol detoxification services in Virginia at Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center.

Residential Inpatient

The residential inpatient program at Arrowwood was meticulously designed to address the individualized needs of each client struggling with addiction.

Alumni & Aftercare

We plan detailed and individualized outpatient treatment and continued care for sober living, we equip clients with the essential tools required for achieving long-term success.

A Comprehensive Overview of Residential Inpatient Treatment

Do you have questions about what residential inpatient treatment entails? Let’s explore the details.

Inpatient care refers to a type of treatment where one resides in the facility for the duration of their recovery. This immersive approach allows for a singular focus on rehabilitation and keeps outside distractions at bay. Although the terms “inpatient” and “residential inpatient” are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are not exactly the same.

Standard inpatient care is the most intensive treatment and usually follows medical detox in Virginia. It aims to establish a stable physical and mental state and often has a more medical/hospital feel. This phase typically lasts 1 to 3 months.

Residential inpatient care, on the other hand, takes place in a facility that feels like home. It is less clinical and more comfortable, with greater freedom and a less rigid structure while still maintaining the prescribed treatment program. This phase usually lasts longer and serves as an extended transition period to adjust to a sober lifestyle.

At our inpatient drug rehab center in Virginia, we offer a modern and luxurious atmosphere with all the necessary amenities, allowing our residents to focus solely on their rehabilitation journey.

We're Here to Help Virginia Recover from Addiction.

We craft unique treatment plans for each client to maintain sobriety long-term. Our rehab center in Virginia cares about you and your loved ones and we are here to help you find lasting, sustainable recovery from drug & alcohol abuse.

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Arrowwood ATC sets itself apart as more than your typical rehabilitation center. Explore how our Virginia-based drug rehabilitation center can significantly impact your path to recovery.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Virginia: What to Expect

When it comes to inpatient rehab, mental wellness is a top priority at our facility in Virginia. Our patients receive personal and group therapy sessions, counseling, and other forms of support to address the psychological effects of addiction. Our drug treatment programs in Virginia are evidence-based and tailored to meet your specific needs. Our empathetic and licensed professionals work with you to develop a program that best suits your situation.

We Work with Most Major Insurance Providers.

Deciding Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Options: Where to Begin?

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between inpatient and outpatient care, let’s explore outpatient rehab in Virginia. Outpatient care is typically the next step in addiction recovery after inpatient care. Although you will still focus on your mental health and attend various therapies, you will no longer live on-site. Instead, you will commute from your home or sober living house for your sessions. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for addiction treatment. The severity of your addiction and your personal circumstances will dictate the best course of action for you. For example, if you struggle with a severe opioid addiction, your program from detox to aftercare will look vastly different from someone with a milder alcohol use disorder. While inpatient care is generally the best starting point for the deepest and most comprehensive care, it’s important to find the solution that fits your unique situation.

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Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center’s Comprehensive Inpatient Program

Are you, or a loved one, looking for a place to start on the path to recovery? Look no further than our inpatient drug rehab program in Virginia at Arrowwood Addiction Treatment Center. We provide a comfortable and nurturing environment that enables you to leave behind the distractions of daily life and focus solely on your recovery.

Our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to using the latest therapy techniques to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive treatment available. We take a holistic approach to your recovery, focusing on all aspects of your well-being.

At Arrowwood, we pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. Join us on your journey to recovery, and let us help you take the first step towards a healthier and happier life. Contact us today and achieve a successful recovery.

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Our Virginia-based drug and alcohol rehab center is here to provide the support you need today. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to assist you in finding the best solutions for your specific situation.

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