As our world pivots toward remote solutions for everyday tasks, the realm of mental health care is no exception. Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs (VIOPs) are a relatively new, flexible form of care that allows patients to receive structured treatment from the comfort of home.

However, jumping into a VIOP is not a decision to be taken lightly. In this post, we’ll walk you through the five most important questions to consider before signing up for a VIOP.

Is a Virtual IOP Program Right for Me?

Understanding whether a VIOP aligns with your current mental health needs is vital. Firstly, consider the level of care you require. IVOPs are ideal for those who don’t need the 24-hour support of inpatient care but need more than outpatient counseling.

It’s also important to evaluate your comfort with virtual platforms. Virtual care offers accessibility, discretion, and comfort, but it may not be suitable for everyone. If you feel that in-person interaction or physical activities like art therapy and yoga are pivotal to your treatment, a traditional IOP might be a better fit.

Level of Care

Are you in need of an intensive level of care, with structured therapy sessions multiple times per week?

Comfort with Virtual Platforms

Do you feel at ease using video calls and online tools for your treatment?

What Type of Support System Do I Have in Place?

One of the strengths of VIOPs is their ability to integrate your support system into the process. Assess who can be involved and committed to your treatment, whether it’s family members, close friends, or mentors. Check if they are willing and able to attend family sessions or support groups that will be part of your program. Additionally, discuss their roles and the communication tools you’ll use to keep them in the loop.

Involving Loved Ones

Is there someone who can be your virtual ‘buddy’ through the program, attending virtual events, and helping you stay accountable?

Communication Protocols

How will you keep your support system informed about your progress, and will the VIOP facilitate this?

Can I Dedicate the Time and Space Required for the Program?

VIOPs are intensive for a reason. They require a significant time commitment and a dedicated space for your treatment. Unlike traditional IOPs, which have a set location and schedule, VIOPs bring the program into your daily life. You must be prepared to carve out the hours necessary and ensure a quiet, private area where you can fully engage without distractions.

Structured Schedule

Are you able to commit to the scheduled sessions and any additional work or activities recommended by your therapists?

Eliminating Distractions

Can you ensure that your virtual treatment space is conducive to focus and privacy?

How Will I Handle Crisis Situations in a Virtual Environment?

Handling crises in a VIOP requires a different approach than in traditional inpatient or outpatient settings. You need to know the protocol for contacting your care team in an emergency. It’s also crucial to have a local support system, such as emergency hotlines or local treatment facilities, available in case of urgent situations.

Emergency Protocols

What are the steps to take if you experience a crisis during a virtual session?

Local Support Systems

Do you have a list of local mental health resources prepared for immediate use?

What Are the Financial and Insurance Implications?

Lastly, consider the financial aspects of a VIOP. While this form of treatment might save you the costs related to commuting or time off work, it still comes with a price tag. Investigate whether your insurance covers virtual mental health services and what out-of-pocket expenses you can expect. The affordability and sustainability of VIOPs are essential to consider in the long term.

Insurance Coverage

Have you checked with your insurance provider to confirm coverage for virtual IOP programs?

Financial Planning

Do you have a plan in place to manage any treatment costs that aren’t covered by insurance?

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